How to Buy

If you would like to buy our artwork, contact us.

Although most of our artwork is sold or reserved (displayed in galleries), you can still have any piece displayed on our site! The law allows us to create 3 identical pieces considered to be originals, so ask and you could have your favorite piece in your favorite colour.

Shipping and handling is not included in the price. We will help you to figure out the best method of sending you the artwork. We offer discounts if you buy several pieces.

All our pieces are signed originals. They would make unique, fantastic gifts to celebrate birthdays or another significant events.

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Contact information

Phone: +420 774 550 724
Address: Dagmar & Jan Zenka
Bezdrevska 15
370 11 Ceske Budejovice
Skype zenkovi
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Do you want to have our beautiful glass at your home? We are taking commissions for the following: Contact us! We can come up with a suitable technique and price for you. Our commissions usually take about a month to finish.
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Techniques Used

Mold-melted glass

Mold-melted glass technique is an old technique that was significantly improved by Libensky and Brychtova in second half of last century. Their work opened new possibilities of using glass in architecture.

Inspired by their work, we developped our own method of making mold-melted glass. Unlike the original technique we can transfer even the smallest details from the mold to glass and the glass surface is so well preserved that it does not require additional polishing. This lets us keep detail that would be lost by polishing and it also reduces the overall price of making a piece.

The procedure is as follows:

The process itself takes a lot of time since the plaster cast has to dry perfectly and the annealing of the glass has to be done extremely slowly to prevent the glass from cracking. The path from a clay model to finished artwork can take 14 days - 1 month.


Fusing is a warm glass technique based on sintering of glass. There are no problems with molds, but it is necessary to solve many problems with glass compatibility, and annealing of the final product.

Stained glass

For stained glass we use Tiffany technique. In case of mirrors we have to be careful, as mirrors are not resistant to acids, so we have to use special techniques. Tiffanny technique can be combined with all other techniques.

If you want to know more, contact us! We always enjoy discussing glass with other artists and enthusiasts.
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